Nevada Newsmakers

NV Energy CEO predicts sharp drop in energy cost by 2025
News - August 7, 2023

"When we go out to probably the end of 2024 and early 2025, those rates are going to be between 35 and 40 percent lower than they are today." Doug Cannon, CEO and president of NV Energy

Gilman touts 'TRI-II' in Fernley as future data-storage hub
News - August 4, 2023

"It is amazing when you enter the world of the federal government, how things slow down." TRI broker/developer Lance Gilman

Nevada is 'crushing it' with financial investments, Treasurer Conine says
News - August 1, 2023

"This past year was probably -- and we will confirm this in the next couple of days -- one of the best investment-return years in the history of the state," he said. "We are absolutely crushing it in our investment office." Zach Conine, Nevada treasurer

Secondary airport for Las Vegas will cost more than $12 billion, Clark Commission chairman says
News - May 31, 2023

"What I can tell you is that in 2019 our estimate was about $12 billion (to build secondary airport). So given the way things have gone, you can do the math and your guess is just as good as mine." Jim Gibson, chairman, Clark County Commission

Business leaders see great economic potential in proposed Ivanpah airport
News - May 30, 2023

"That airport is going to grow the entire state." Mary Lau, CEO of the Retail Association of Nevada

More Nevada voters want MLB expansion team than want A's, Newsmakers poll shows
News - May 29, 2023

"You've got some problems with this A's stadium deal. One, it's the A's. They've got the worst record in baseball." Chuck Muth, conservative campaign consultant from Las Vegas

Newsmakers poll: Many Nevada voters like Gov. Lombardo ... but how long will it last?
News - May 24, 2023

"Being on the other side of an unpopular governor is not a bad place to be. The reality of, 'Are you happy he is not Steve Sisolak?' is inherent in the question." Fred Lokken, head of the political science department at Truckee Meadows Community College, when asked about the popularity of Gov. Joe Lombardo

Newsmakers poll: Democratic U.S. Sen. Rosen would beat GOP's Marchant but lose to Laxalt if 2024 election was held today
News - May 23, 2023

"Laxalt's numbers show that he remains a very viable candidate after his near miss against Cortez Masto in 2022. The ball is certainly in his court, but I can see how he might want to sit this one out after running in three of the last four elections." Bryan Bedera, Vote TXT pollster

Newsmakers poll: Trump and/or DeSantis would beat Biden in Nevada if presidential election was held today
News - May 22, 2023

"It doesn't surprise me that they are both beating Biden in the polls. But let's face it. We're still far out (from the election). Neither Trump nor DeSantis are running against Biden now. They are running against each other." Chuck Muth, conservative campaign consultant

Water is one of many concerns for proposed 2nd airport, new town near Las Vegas, says County Commissioner Segerblom
News - May 17, 2023

"We have limited water. We have limited air. We have overcrowded highways, we have overcrowded schools. Maybe we're putting the cart before the horse. And maybe we should slow down and analyze where we're going, who we are and make sure we have these resources before we start to build these huge infrastructure projects." Tick Segerblom, Clark County Commissioner

U.S. Rep. Amodei hopes Congress will finally achieve immigration reform in 2023
News - May 16, 2023

"Dreamers are low hanging fruit. It's one of those things -- they're serving in the military. And I'm not here to do an ad for any of those folks. I'm just saying there are solutions that do not require somebody to tear up the Constitution or to throw the borders open." U.S. Rep. Mark Amodei, talking about immigration reform

Sen. Hammond again champions Education Savings Accounts, says national momentum is growing
News - April 20, 2023

"The future of ESAs is coming. I am positive that almost everybody knows it and that includes everybody who's in opposition to it right now." State Sen. Scott Hammond, R-Las Vegas

Sen. Harris uses 'racism' in reaction to Tennessee House explusion of two black lawmakers
News - April 18, 2023

"Oh, boy. You know, my first thought actually was? Well, jeez, Tennessee, your racism is showing a little bit. You might want to cover that up." State Sen. Dallas Harris, D-Las Vegas, on the expulsion of two black lawmakers in the Tennessee House of Representatives.

Sen. Scheible seeks better understanding for transgender community
News - April 14, 2023

"You know, they want to be seen and treated as the gender that they know they are internally." State Sen. Melanie Scheible, R-Las Vegas

U.S. House will pass land-transfer bills in current session of Congress, Rep. Amodei vows
News - April 10, 2023

"Make no mistake, we're moving lands bills out of the House of Representatives this year." Nevada's 2nd U.S. House District Rep. Mark Amodei, R-Carson City

Storey County could lose 80 percent of its anticipated Tesla tax windfall in bill proposed by Sen. Gansert and backed by Gov. Lombardo
News - March 31, 2023

"You know, I don't think anybody wants to hurt Storey County. This is actually about trying to make sure Storey gets significant revenue to help them." State Senate Minority Leader Heidi Gansert, R-Reno

News - March 31, 2023

Speaker Yeager sees 3 points of contention with Gov. Lombardo: elections, school vouchers and criminal justice reform
News - March 29, 2023

"So, you know, I think those three in particular are probably going to be contentious in the sense that they're not going to come over to us and everyone's going to say, 'These are great bills and we should pass them.'" Nevada Speaker of the Assembly Steve Yeager, D-Las Vegas

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