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"It is a very secure environment. One reason why we are not worried about security is that we're getting the whole tower and we will have control of security in the tower. We are moving a police substation of the University Police down to the tower, so that there will be a 24/7 presence with a police officer, a fully-trained police officer. And there will be two people at the front desk at all times, 24/7. So they will really control access to the rooms."
- Marc Johnson, University of Nevada president, on the safety of the newly renovated downtown Reno dormitory rooms in the west tower of the Circus-Circus Hotel & Casino. The university lost the use of dorm housing for about 1,300 students on campus recently because of a gas leak and explosion in an on-campus dormitory.Friday, July 26, 2019.
"I pretty much guarantee this will end up in the Nevada Supreme Court. Let's face it, whatever side wins or loses will want to appeal this to the Nevada Supreme Court for resolution. Because it is constitutional issue, it automatically goes to the Supreme Court upon appeal. There is no question of it going to the appellate court system."
- State Senate Minority Leader James Settelmeyer, R-Minden, speaking about Senate GOP lawsuit over two tax bills the GOP contend were illegally passed by Senate Democrats during the 2019 LegislatureThursday, July 25, 2019.
"What I’d like to see is the issue evolve, not become a divider. "
- Former State Senator Patricia Farley discussing the opposing views, during the Legislative session, regarding criminal justice reform, within the Democratic caucus. Assembly Judiciary chair Yaeger and Senate Majority Leader Cannizzaro ended up with a watered-down piece of legislation.Wednesday, July 24, 2019.
"Those buildings will really help us with workforce development"
- Paul Moradkhan, VP Govt Affairs Las Vegas Metro Chamber, discussing some of the highlights of the recent session as far as funding for Southern Nevada buildings, including, The UNLV Engineering school, Nevada State College Education building and the CSN Health Sciences building.Tuesday, July 23, 2019.
"They want to make sure this doesn’t look like Las Vegas, a few generations ago."
- Bo Bernhard, Executive Director, International Gaming Institute talking about the Japanese desire to address all concerns about the legalization of gambling in that country including the potential for organized crime (Yakuza) and problem gaming.Friday, July 19, 2019.
"It doesn’t have the gas to get the car going. It’s just the outline of the car."
- Amelia Pak-Harvey, Education Reporter, LVRJ explaining how Senator Denis’ school funding plan gets the state moving in the right direction with a lot more detail to come. Thursday, July 18, 2019.
"When I was in Congress, I always supported moving the United States Embassy to Jerusalem."
- Former Congresswoman Shelley Berkley says that every country on the planet has their embassy in the host nation’s capital. She says while there are some exceptions, she feels Israel was being singled out. This is one of the few areas she agrees with what President Trump has done.Wednesday, July 17, 2019.
"The interest from the international market centers around AI, artificial intelligence. A lot of technology companies are very interested in Southern Nevada, UAV’s (etc.)."
- Mary Beth Sewald, President and CEO, Las Vegas Metro Chamber says that the Metro Chamber is uniquely positioned to help international companies coming to Las Vegas due to its many connections within the UAV community because of Nevada’s designation as a national UAV testing site.Tuesday, July 16, 2019.
"The biggest problem that I have is one of their written goals was literally to create congestion, to have people start carpooling."
- Michelle Fiore, Las Vegas City Councilwoman explaining why she’s upset over NDOT’s 24-hour HOV lanes on Interstate 15. She says it’s the craziest written goal she’s ever heard of, from NDOT.Friday, July 12, 2019.
"Truth is, he’s the Governor and if that’s what he wants, then more power to him."
- Tick Segerblom, Clark County Commissioner, describing his feelings as regards Governor Sisolak’s move to have a commission study marijuana lounges for two years, among other marijuana issues, rather than allow them now. The City of Las Vegas had already approved one lounge and were forced to rescind that decision.Thursday, July 11, 2019.
"I don’t know what’s going on with that."
- Howard Stutz, Executive Editor, CDC Gaming Reports regarding The Drew, formerly the Fontainebleau Las Vegas, that it’s going to be a another few years before we know what’s going to happen to it. He says Penn National thought it would take a billion dollars just to restart the project and they walked away from it.Wednesday, July 10, 2019.
"They’ve lost a lot of institutional knowledge out of there."
- Howard Stutz, Executive Editor, CDC Gaming Reports referring to the MGM layoffs. 1070 people have lost their jobs at MGM since the layoffs began in April 2019.Tuesday, July 9, 2019.
"As nice a guy as he is, he has no organization capacity or ability. And he doesn’t know how to do any complex strategic thinking and he doesn’t have anybody around him that does."
- George Harris, Chairman Nevadans for Sound Government feels that Michael McDonald, the Nevada State Republican Party leader, is worthless in the position. Harris says that it isn’t just this election cycle that the Republicans took a hit, in Nevada. They got thumped in the last cycle too.Friday, July 5, 2019.
"We thought this is Las Vegas. We needed to do something that is Las Vegas style. Big. Grand. Over the top."
- Bob Groesbeck, Co-CEO Planet 13 on why he and partners decided to build the largest marijuana dispensary in the world.Thursday, July 4, 2019.
"I may learn a new lesson in life, but I don’t think it’s going to be hard."
- Don Ahern, President and CEO, Ahern Equipment Rentals is the new owner of the former Lucky Dragon Hotel and Casino. He plans to be open with a non-gaming convention center/hotel in the Fall and he’s confident he can make it work as a boutique property.Wednesday, July 3, 2019.
"Preexisting coverage protections for patients. I think that’s an important one."
- Mason Van Houweling, CEO University Medical Center looking at what was accomplished in the 2019 State Legislative session, especially as the Federal government continues to look at changes to the Affordable Care ActTuesday, July 2, 2019.
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