Nevada Newsmakers

Host: Sam Shad

Glenn Cook, Executive Editor, Las Vegas Review-Journal

"Imagine the precedent that essentially they’re asking for, which is, you murder a journalist, you get to take the reporter’s shield law privileges with the journalist’s life, and as a criminal defendent, you get to go looking through a reporter’s unpublished material, confidential contacts."

- Glenn Cook, Executive Editor, Las Vegas Review-Journal, says they have been working to stop the examination of Jeff German’s devices, explaining they have a permanent injunction in place which Las Vegas Metro agreed to not search his cell phone, four personal computers and an external hard drive until there is a court order to either conduct the search or search with strict circumstances that honor the shield law. He says Metro, the district attorney and the public defender’s office want to be able to function as though the shield law doesn’t exist where privileges terminate upon the death of a reporter, creating a dangerous potential precedent.