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Road Trip!

Commentary - June 29, 2023

Road Trip!

Yes, we’re on the road again and its been quite entertaining so far.  The Merry Band of 69’ers, 5 of my Sparks High School, planned this short trip to Nevada City when we were in the depths of six feet of snow and desperately wanted to be somewhere warm.  We found it.  We knew we were in the right place when our first stop offered a cocktail named, I’D RATHER BE DEAD IN CALIFORNIA THAN ALIVE IN ARIZONA.  We rented a VRBO and promptly went to the store to stock up for the week-end.  There may have been some slight confusion when we were trying to guide Debbie, our driver for the moment, to the grocery store.  I had my maps set for Safeway and Cyndee had hers set for Save Mart.  Poor Debbie.   I am not supposed to say this, but some of us may be experiencing some “hearing” issues.  So the conflicting directions were being shouted very loudly and repeatedly in the confined space of the car. This is going to be good.

P.S.  Thank you all for your wonderful comments to me.  I am very humbled.

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Well, the fat lady sang.
Commentary - June 8, 2023

Well, the fat lady sang.  Then she sang again last night.  And word is she may sing one more time tonight before the legislature finally adjourns, sine die, for real.  Monday at midnight the legislature reached its constitional 120 day limit and was forced to adjourn.

It was the night before sine die and no mouse was quiet.
Commentary - June 5, 2023

It was the night before sine die and no mouse was quiet.  In fact, we have had a massive influx of dogs, popcorn, and a sundry of foods and even a fish, overflowing the lobbyist room.  As earlier depicted, the lobbyist room is in utter chaos.   (BTW, the smell of pizza can lure even the sincere blue suits into the lobbyist room).

Commentary - May 30, 2023

You know the old phrase, this person really knows where “the bodies are buried”.  I have even been accused of knowing where the bodies are buried.  I do not.  Well ….  However, since we are almost a week (maybe) away from this session coming to a close, I am finally going to expose one of the most neglected issues in “the building”.

Commentary - May 25, 2023

What a week this has been and it is far from over.  The film industry and developers introduced their grand plan to add movie making as the latest great adventure for southern Nevada.  Not to be outdone, enter Avenger Jeremy Renner to swoop in and testify that it would be a great idea to also include northern Nevada in the deal.

Commentary - May 22, 2023

Over the years, I’ve seen lots of different lobbying techniques.  But this is a first. If you don’t get your way in the legislature, sue!  I think this tops the list for the most lamebrained, dunderheaded, imbecilic, moves I’ve seen (and I have seen a lot and even done some myself.)

Commentary - May 13, 2023

I learn lots of new things every session.  Good policy stuff, lobbying tips from the pro’s, whatever, you name it.  This is definitely a learning environment… for good or bad.  BUT, I have to say I learned something this week that somehow I missed in my growing up years and that of my grandchildren, and that is THE CARE BEAR STARE.

Welcome to the new Deli!
Commentary - May 8, 2023

I did not get an engraved invitation, however I did stumble upon the official ribbon cutting ceremony for the grand opening of the new library in the legislature.  As you can see, Speaker Yeager stands in front of what used to house numerous tables and chairs for the public to take a quick respite from the goin’s on in the building.  Now they can fight over who gets a seat at that table with two chairs.

Live, Laugh, Love, Lobby!
Commentary - May 1, 2023

So says the very competent and effervescent Deputy Public Defender Erica Roth. Trying to remember what prompted that declaration is a little fuzzy, but I think it had something to do with taking ourselves too seriously. Are you kidding? Lobbyists?

Commentary - April 25, 2023

Ok. Things are getting hot and heavy in the legislature. Quote of the week goes to Senator Rochelle Nguyen: “There is a huge burn the place down mentality”.

Deadline Week
Commentary - April 17, 2023

“The legislature doesn’t do anything because they are right or they are wrong.  They do it because they can.”  Once again, Danny Thompson gets the quote of the week.

Ok, an old woman walks into the legislature.
Commentary - April 8, 2023

Ok, an old woman walks into the legislature.  She sees a very earnest cast of characters.  Some are leaning on a table in the foyer looking expectantly at their cell phone,

I’m in overdrive on one of my main tasks
Commentary - April 6, 2023

I’m in overdrive on one of my main tasks and need to refresh my brain so I am going to take a break and do a midweek Behind the Scenes update.

Grassroots Lobby Days here I come.
Commentary - April 1, 2023

Grassroots Lobby Days here I come.  Again.  I have lost count on how many Grassroots Lobby Days I have attended.  But I know it is a large number.  Some of you may remember that before my faux retirement I was honored to be the Nevada Women’s Lobbyist for many years.

Who are these two cowboys?
Commentary - March 27, 2023

Who are these two cowboys?  Seems like everyone wants to be a sheriff these days.

What a week for Behind the Scenes!
Commentary - March 17, 2023

What a week for Behind the Scenes! Monday started off with a wedding.  Yes. In the building.  Front and center at the “Jim Joyce” table. (That’s a whole other story). There I was, dutifully doing my lobbyist duties when a ruckus developed outside of the lobbyist room.  Ruckuses happen often in the building, and you certainly don’t want to miss one.

I was a Girl Scout once...
Commentary - March 13, 2023

I was a Girl Scout once.  It was at camp that I learned the proper way to set a table and to … 🎵Get your elbows off the table Marlene Rains, get your elbows…🎵 I even made a sock monkey when I was a Brownie.

Back in the olden days...
Commentary - March 5, 2023

Back in the olden days, when I went to school, we didn’t have “snow days”.   (And no, I didn’t walk 5 miles uphill there and back).  So last week, when snow days were declared for three days, I felt giddy, like I was getting away with something.  So now, I am sitting here watching the snow fall yet again and wondering if I need to do my “homework” or not, in case they call another snow day at the legislature? Oh the anticipation!

Behind the scenes at the legislature.
Commentary - February 24, 2023

Ah, the great Debacle!  The building debacle that led to the construction debacle, that led to the deli debacle, that led to the food truck debacle, that led to the lobbyist room debacle, that led to the table debacle that led to the printer debacle that led to lobbyist meltdown debacle.

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